Redesign your working space experience, for employees and visitors, all in one platform.

SpaceTuner: the solution for the Smart Working of your company.

Working Space Management

Manage your buildings and offices from a unified Web Dashboard.
Define access and bookings policies: let employees, assistants and consultants book spaces, desks, and other assets.
Enforce building policies: set occupancy and visibility of offices, desks, and meeting rooms.
Control building bookings and access records.

Visitor Management

Manage your guests: let employees, managers, and assistants organize meetings with external visitors.
Invited guests will receive an email with all the instructions
to attend the meeting, including a personal digital badge that can be installed on their smartphone through the mobile wallet.

Mobile App for Employees

A Mobile App acting as a "digital badge" for employees through which they can see building and office occupancy in real time, book offices, desks, meeting rooms, and other assets.
The provided Mobile App is customizable from the ground up with your style, theme, and brand identity.
Compatible with iOS, Android, and the Web.

Smart Check-in

The single check in solution both for employees and visitors.
A self service or attended kiosk to execute both the check-in and check-out procedure when entering or leaving the building in a unified and integrated seamless experience.
Visit records are synchronized real time and always inspectable by the office managers.
The Kiosk application is customizable from the ground up with your style, theme, and brand identity.
The platform is ready to integrate with your digital and physical flows, such as business applications, gates or turnstiles.

Everything under control

It is possible to define permission levels for scheduling, allowing each user to have access according to their function.
Policies can be enforced or overriden depending on the user's role.
Real time and historical bookings, visits, and metrics are available on the unified dashboard.

COVID-19 features

Manage access to office spaces in an orderly and coordinated manner to allow social distancing and avoid crowding, in order to ensure the safety of employees and guests.

SpaceTuner is a completely touchless solution.

SpaceTuner integrates with thermoscanners and cameras to ensure that people who access the building do not present symptoms and wear facemasks.

Build a contact map through access information of emplyess and guests.


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Mobile Application


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